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Starting a business can be a daunting task. It usually means taking big risks and making yourself susceptible to the whims of the market, arduous hours and the incredible stress of trying to be successful at what you are doing. We’ve all heard the statistic that the majority of businesses fail and a good chunk of them don’t even get off of the ground. So, that being said, here is the story of three, young entrepreneurs who have succeeded at starting a business and are beginning to make some headway.


Change is certainly in the air here in Vermont!  Opportunities to engage in aviation and pursue aviation careers are increasing throughout the state.  There isn’t a better time to consider an aviation related career than now and Vermont is leading the way with initiatives to help you make your dreams come true!

Alec’s Spicy Pretzels and young entrepreneurship in Vermont

Alec has always been a fan of pretzels. This was largely in part due to the great taste of his family’s recipe. Alec’s family would always use the recipe, which includes the infamous “kick” of Cayenne pepper, to bake up a batch of pretzels for holidays and events. As a result, Alec began to put his family’s recipe to use by bringing pretzels to Williston Central School for fellow students. From that point on, it was all history.

The Bee's Knees - A Local Hangout for Folks of all Ages

The Bees Knees is a restaurant located in downtown Morrisville. They serve local food and feature local artists and musicians, employing area kids and providing a good environment for them to come hang out. The Bees Knees opened in 2003 because Sharon Deitz wanted to create a “local hang out where you can come and write in your journal or write poetry, and have poetry readings or live music.”
Sharon was inspired during her time in England. “I liked the local pub feel, a community gathering place for people of all ages,” she said.

Vermonter Michael Hastings on the Cover of RollingStone Magazine

Michael Hastings is the author of the RollingStone article titled “The Runaway General,” which prompted General Stanley McChrystal to lose his position as Commander of US Forces Afghanistan. The controversial article has also brought about a wide variety of responses from the media, ranging from praise to disparagement. Hastings does not remember a time when he was not interested in the news, and he traces his journalistic beginnings back to the day when General Norman Schwarzkopf was to give a press conference at the beginning of the Gulf War in 1990, when Hastings was in fifth grade.

Green Engineering: Building a hybrid race car

The Alternative Energy Racing Organization project, called Project GreenSpeed, may not have raced competitors during its debut in May, but it has nevertheless been “driven” by students since its start.
Paul Hines, advisor to the AERO team and assistant professor of electrical engineering at UVM, said the ever-growing team of students, united by a passion for collaborative effort and the potential of hybrid design, has taken the lead each step of the way.
“Students were, and continue to be, enormously committed to AERO,” he said.


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