Demeny Pollitt – Girlington Garage

Demeny Pollitt is an automotive technician and the founder of Girlington Garage, a newly opened garage in South Burlington, Vermont. Pollitt grew up in Boston and Deerfield Massachusetts, and attended high school at the Putney School in southern Vermont. She is a graduate of the automotive technology program at the Vermont Technical College - one of only seven female graduates since the program was created in 1992.

Sky high - Aviation Tech at the Burlington Technical Center

On a typical day, students in the Aviation Technology Program at the Burlington Technical Center might study avionics, metallurgy, non-destructive inspection, composite inspection, welding, heat treatment, aerodynamics, flight physics, weight and balance, aircraft hardware, aircraft safety, and federal aviation regulations.
And that's all just at the high-school level.

What if College is Not in Your Immediate Future?

There is a widespread and generally accepted misconception that to get a good job these days, you need a college education. Every other year, the Department of Labor publishes the Occupational Projections, which provide a snapshot of what jobs will be available over a ten year period. Vermont just released the projections data for the years 2008—2010, and many of the occupations listed do NOT require a college education. In fact, of the 20 jobs with the most annual openings in Vermont, 17 of them require only short to long term on-the-job training or work experience.

Stafford Tech Students install solar panels for CVPS

by Casey Hurlburt
Central Vermont Public Service unveiled its 264 solar panel project and renewable energy education center this past June.
Under the supervision of CVPS, Central Vermont Solar and Wind, and ReKnew Energy Systems, students from Stafford Technical Center helped with landscaping and forestry, building design and construction, and helped to install and wire the solar and electrical components.

Resume Tips

For an entry-level position (non professional), a resume should be no longer than one page, always.

The main, and some would say sole, purpose of the resume is to get the interview, so include the most relevant and interesting accomplishments. Keep it brief and save the rest for the interview.

Avoid typos and make sure all contact information is accurate.

Format your resume so it is organized, uniform, and easy to read. Don’t use wacky fonts. Also, it is better to avoid the templates that come with Word. Those are often recognizable.

The Bee’s Knees: A local hang out for folks of all ages

by Casey Hurlburt
The Bees Knees is a restaurant located in downtown Morrisville. They serve local food and feature local artists and musicians, employing area kids and providing a good environment for them to come hang out. The Bees Knees opened in 2003 because Sharon Deitz wanted to create a “local hang out where you can come and write in your journal or write poetry, and have poetry readings or live music.”
Sharon was inspired during her time in England. “I liked the local pub feel, a community gathering place for people of all ages,” she said.

It's Your Choice... Make it Happen

Choosing a technical school or college, and eventually a career, certainly doesn't happen overnight, and the prospect of beginning the process can be downright overwhelming. Up until now, school was something you were expected to do, and for the most part, you didn't have much to say about it. But now, the next step is yours to make. You can choose what you want to do, how you want to get it done and where you're going to do it, whether out of state or right here in your own backyard.

A Career in Solar Energy

Today, with more investment, technical assistance and financial incentives being devoted to reducing energy costs and clean energy approaches to construction and renovations, the possibility of a career in renewable energy is being made both more attractive and more practical. These careers are not only receiving more of the resources and attention that they need, but they are directly involved in finding solutions to the energy problems currently facing our society and securing a stable energy future.


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