Fastest Growing Tech Jobs in VT: Based on 2016 data with projections from 2014 to 2024

by Hannah Johnson

Technology has changed our world. While some believe that technology is taking over the world and taking away jobs, and that is true, it is also making many more. The pressure to find a job out of high school and college continues to grow. While many may think Vermont is struggling with employment, the statistics say otherwise. Tech jobs in Vermont are growing at a very fast rate.

Grunts Move Junk and help vets move on with life

by Emma Marc-Aurele

Businessman and war veteran Mitch Durfee started a unique business called Grunts Move Junk in 2013 with high school best friend Matt Swann. Grunts Move Junk provides the city of Burlington, and now Worcester, MA, with different services such as junk removal, moving services, landscaping, snow removal, and general construction. Where they stand out from the rest of these other blue collar businesses is in their dedication to employing returning veterans young and old.

Vermont’$ most popular job$ that PAY!

by Emma Marc-Aurele

For many college students today, the pressure of finding jobs after graduating weighs heavily. Students often worry about excelling in classes and building an impressive resume in order to compete against peers and, in the end, make a living to sustain an independent adult-life after college.  

The public perception about available jobs in Vermont is often grim. We sometimes hear, “the only available jobs pay minimum wage” and “the manufacturing sector is on sharp decline.” 

Caleb Magoon: Theater, retail, sports

by Emma Marc-Aurele

Native Vermonter Caleb Magoon left the Green Mountain State to pursue a career in theater before returning home to open his own sporting good business. He recently expanded his business by opening another store in Waterbury in addition to Power Play Sports in Morrisville. This year he was recognized by the Small Business Administration as Vermont Young Entrepreneur of Year.

Spotlight: Tech, Manufacturing, and Trade Jobs in Vermont

by Ayla Yersel

When someone thinks of Vermont, they might picture rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, small businesses, and agriculture (and, okay, maybe Ben and Jerry’s). But what might not come to mind right away is the state’s growing tech sector.

In fact, there are more tech jobs in Vermont than there are people to fill them, said Jeff Couture, the executive director of the Vermont Technology Alliance.

NETWORKING IN VERMONT: Vermont Young Professionals

by Ayla Yersel

Let’s face it-- sometimes, the job market can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. It can be particularly difficult trying to make professional connections-- where do you begin? How do you meet people in your field?

Good news-- you’re not alone. In fact, there is an entire organization in Vermont dedicated to providing a platform for young professionals to connect: it’s called Vermont Young Professionals. 

What is it?

ELLO—Social Media for Creative Minds and the Vermonter Who Helped Bring It to Life

by Ayla Yersel

Ad-free social media site Ello has been called the “Facebook killer”. But this, according to co-founder and CEO of Ello Paul Budnitz, is not the case. 

Like Facebook, Ello is free to use. Unlike Facebook, however, it doesn’t have ads, or require users to use their real names. It’s a different kind of social media— made to connect creative people. Its slogan, “You Are Not A Product”, is a direct reference to its commitment to keeping its members the priority— not advertisers.

Sergeant Julie Scribner of the Vermont State Police

Since age six, Sergeant Julie Scribner said she has wanted to become a police officer. Today, she is a Detective Sergeant with the Vermont State Police, investigating major crimes and deaths.
But Scribner- former cheerleader, stay-at-home mom, and retail worker- wasn’t always on track to be a police officer.
A native of Cornwall, Vermont, Scribner left Vermont for a few years because her husband was in the Army, but in returned to her native Cornwall in 2002 after the marriage ended.

WCAX's Darren Perron

Ever since he was little, Darren Perron wanted to be a storyteller. Today, that dream has become a reality: he is an executive producer and news anchor at WCAX Channel 3 News. 
This Vermont native has won an Emmy Award, nine Emmy Award Nominations, 12 Associated Press Awards and 10 Edward R. Murrow Awards, and was also nominated for a GLAAD Award in 2009 for his series, “Becoming”. 


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