Want to go places? Want to change the world?

Imagine living with no electricity; none at all. It may be difficult to grasp life without the basic luxuries that electricity provides, but the reality is that there are many people who cannot get access to these basic services. The economic hurdles that block a greater distribution of power are being knocked down by engineering advances and the passionate ingenuity of those who want to help others.

Students Engineer Cleaner Air for Vermont Cheese Cave

Jasper Hill Farm is a small family farm in Greensboro, VT. Andy Kehler, a University of Vermont graduate, began Jasper Hill farm with his brother, Mateo, in the summer of 1998. They wanted to create a successful dairy farm model that can be replicated, to help preserve the ever-disappearing Vermont dairy farms that “keep Vermont beautiful,” as stated on their home page. In 2007, the Kehlers opened seven underground cheese caves, buried at the perfect depth for aging cheese naturally. The Jasper Hill Farm cheese caves age cheese for 14 cheese-makers across the state.

Choosing a College

Choosing a college can feel like a daunting task. And it is a really important decision. Not only will it be the place you choose to learn for the next four years, it is also where you will be spending your life, outside of academics, for the next four years.

The skinny on standardized tests

Whether you're beginning your junior year or just starting your senior year, you've probably got some variety of standardized test looming ominously on the horizon. Even though these tests are hardly the most enjoyable part of the application process, they are an important part, and you will need to be ready for them. Once you learn the nuts and bolts behind standardized testing, it will be easier for you to register for the tests, prepare for the tests, and finally ace them without trepidation.

Why Foreign Languages Are Important

More jobs than you may think consider foreign languages a great skill to have and that number is increasing every day. What does that mean for you?? Your high school French or Spanish could turn into valuable $$$.
Past-perfect versus imperfect.
Direct or indirect object pronouns.
Hambre or hombre? Schon or schön? Mon ami or ma ami?
If you’ve ever struggled with learning a foreign language, take heart: you are not alone.

College Admissions

As a college-bound student, you are required to take standardized tests, think about what college you might want to attend, what you want study there, make sure you fill out all of the application paperwork correctly and then, figure out how to pay for it all. Whew!


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