College Applications: Answers Straight from the Source

In theory, applying to the colleges you've chosen should to be easiest part of the process. You've just spent months searching for the right schools, visiting campuses, and speaking with guidance counselors, enrolled students, professors, and everyone else under the sun in order to narrow down your choices. Now that you finally have your top picks selected, submitting applications ought be a piece of cake, right?

College Sports - Deciphering the NCAA

As you enter your college search, many of you are probably interested in comparing the athletic programs of different schools. Many others will be learning about the rules and regulations of college sports for the first time. To get the inside story on how the National Collegiate Athletic Association functions, we spoke with Christopher Kenny, Associate Director of Athletics for St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont.

UVM students engineer cleaner air for Vermont cheese cave

by Casey Hurlburt
Jasper Hill Farm is a small family farm in Greensboro, VT. Andy Kehler, a University of Vermont graduate, began Jasper Hill farm with his brother, Mateo, in the summer of 1998. They wanted to create a successful dairy farm model that can be replicated, to help preserve the ever-disappearing Vermont dairy farms that “keep Vermont beautiful,” as stated on their home page.


The SAT and ACT are the two standardized tests colleges use throughout the country to help determine a student’s readiness for college. Every college is different and some may require one or both of the tests, along with many other requirements. A college may also require that you take the SAT subject tests.
Some scholarships require scores for certain tests, so that could be another good reason to take one or both tests.

College Prep Guide

This guide will give you an idea of the timeline for things you need to accomplish if you are planning to apply to college. It helps to get a folder to keep all important college information in one place. It might also help to have a bookmark folder on the internet to have your top college picks’ and scholarships’ websites readily accessible.
Junior Year
Fall semester
Research and get a list started of schools you might be interested in applying to. Take note of their admission requirements and application deadlines.

A Fair Exchange

SPIRAL International, located and founded in Burlington, VT, became a corporation in January 201o and describes itself as an “educational organization that promotes inter-cultural learning, understanding and relationships through international student placement services and exchange programs.” The acronym SPIRAL stands for what the organization offers: Special Programs for Intercultural Relationships and Learning, helping international students to enroll in American schools and colleges and setting them up with home-stays abroad.

How do I Pay for College?

How do I start the financial aid process?
After you have narrowed down the schools that you want to apply to, one of the first steps in securing aid will be to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. The FAFSA is available in January, prior to the upcoming school year. You can fill out the application online at www.fafsa.gov and it will require information about yourself, your family and your financial situation.
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