New SAT prep tips

by Hannah Johnson

The new SAT has changed in multiple ways. It has fewer questions and requires less time without the optional essay. The College Board and Khan Academy have also teamed up to bring you a course to prep you to ace the test. While the essay is optional, it is important to remember that some Colleges and Universities will require this component so check with the colleges you’re planning to apply to before making a decision.

The new SAT is broken down in the following way:

What are the benefits to applying early?

by Hannah Johnson

Most colleges and universities have a deadline to apply to their school. Some of them even have multiple deadlines for different types of admissions. What this means is, if you have everything together and ready to apply by a November deadline, chances are you are applying early action or early decision.  Almost 450 colleges and universities across the nation have early action and early decision programs.

What is the difference between applying early and action?

College Prep Guide 2017

by Hannah Johnson

This guide will give you an idea of the timeline for things you need to accomplish if you are planning to apply to college. It’s important to stay on track with deadlines to make sure you don’t miss something that could put you behind in applying for schools.



Fall semester

-    Research and get a list started of schools you might be interested in applying to. Take note of their admission requirements and application deadlines.

-    Research some scholarships. Keep a list of scholarships you qualify for.

What to expect from the new SAT

by Michelle Szabo, Instruction Program Manager, Stern Center for Language and Learning

The NEW SAT arrived in March 2016 – are you ready? There have been a number of substantial changes and revisions to the SAT, and it goes well beyond the kinds of questions asked and how the test is scored. While there may be fewer overall questions asked, the depth of each section is significantly greater. 

Think Much About Money?

by Thomas Leavitt (President  & CEO of Northfield Savings Bank) and John Pelletier (Director, Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College)


Is high school the best time of your life? Some adults think so. That’s probably because when we graduate, many of us leave home to live on our own and start taking on new responsibilities. 


Staying ahead of tuition hikes: A guide to paying for college

by Becky Hayes
Paying for college is hard.
Learning how to afford ever-rising tuition costs can be a daunting task, especially for first generation students whose parents have never gone through the process before.
This guide will hopefully help you learn about the options available and what will work best for you and your family.
FAFSA: What it is and why to apply

Scholarship frenzy

by Becky Hayes
With college tuition rates continuously rising, the cost of higher education is becoming more and more difficult for families to afford. That’s why it’s your job to take advantage of all the opportunities out there for free money to use toward an education.
Scholarships are one of the most beneficial ways to receive money for college expenses. These awards for financial aid often have specific criteria or requirements from the donor or founder of the program. Scholarships do not need to be repaid by the student.
Types of scholarships:

Admissions Tips from UVM

Are you starting to feel the pressure of the college search? Take a deep breath...there's a school out there for you, including many great options in Vermont, public and private. Here are seven tips from UVM admissions counselors to help you successfully negotiate the admissions process and find the right match.

Focus on your transcript. Your GPA and overall academic record are the most important factors in the admissions decision – at UVM and many other schools. So focus on your grades – and be sure they're on an upward trend, especially over the last two years.

Foreign Language - Learning a Second Language

Why Foreign Languages Are Important
More jobs than you may think consider foreign languages a great skill to have and that number is increasing every day. What does that mean for you?? Your high school French or Spanish could turn into valuable $$$.
Past-perfect versus imperfect.
Direct or indirect object pronouns.
Hambre or hombre? Schon or schön? Mon ami or ma ami?
If you’ve ever struggled with learning a foreign language, take heart: you are not alone.


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