Life's busy, right? Friends, family, school – they all take time. So why spend time at the Club?

A Sweet Gym – we've got a full-size gym with basketball court and the equipment for tons of sports (and yoga, hip-hop dance and judo classes too...)

Digital Art – graphic design, photography, video recording and editing – you name it. With our brand-spanking new mac lab you can do it all.

The University of Vermont’s Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT) major offers a college education to launch successful careers in the Recreation and Tourism industry, an industry that is a cornerstone of Vermont’s economy.

by Hannah Johnson

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a real life treasure hunt with millions of people all around the world? If so, then geocaching is for you. Geocaching started over a decade ago by Dave Ulmer with the rule; take something, leave something. Don’t forget to sign the logbook!

by Emma Marc-Aurele

Young musicians Adrian Chirtae and Julian Woodrow are brothers who were born and raised in Sunderland. Even more than just being brothers, the two are actually mirror twins. So when coming up with a band name, the duo decided on “Take 2,” which seemed fitting.

The two just graduated from high school and got their first taste for the stage at the age of 8. 

by Emma Marc-Aurele

Native Vermonter Ben Ritchie is widely recognized as the top junior male skier in the East. A slalom specialist, Ritchie was awarded the Golden Ski Award for his strong showing on the hill last season. Since 1969, the Golden Ski Award has been presented to the top junior male and female skiers in the East.

by Ayla Yersel

It’s a Wednesday night at Oakledge Park in August, just after 6 pm, and the first kickball game of the night just started.

Lime green t-shirted players cluster in groups on the edge of the field to cheer on their teammates. The sound of laughter and conversation fills the air, punctuated by the regular thud of kickballs meeting sneakered feet. The fall league just started, so things are a bit more relaxed-- fewer teams and a more casual atmosphere than the summer league.

by Ayla Yersel

Offstage, Burlington-based musician Joshua Panda is pretty soft-spoken. But onstage, he has an electric presence, performing with an almost contagious energy.

“I don’t want to talk, I just want to sit. It’s almost like at a horse race, with a horse in a stall. Like, someone hits the bell, I’m going to go.”

She started by performing as a busker on Church Street in Burlington. Today, Waitsfield, Vermont, native Grace Potter is a nationally acclaimed musician who has performed with artists such as Kenny Chesney and Mavis Staples. She even has her own chocolate bar at Lake Champlain Chocolates called “Grace Under Fire” containing vegan dark chocolate with red pepper and pistachios, with a picture of the singer herself on the wrapper.

Will Kiernan, Alex Myers, Julien Vandal and Garrett Brown aren’t your typical undergraduates. At 19 and 20 years old, these four friends are touring the country with their alternative rock band, Dionysia, to promote their first album, Antics, which was released January 3, 2014.
Today, the band has sold about 400 albums, and has started working on material for another EP which they may release in the summer of 2015.