Libby Smith - Pro Golfer and Multi-Sport Athlete

Libby Smith went to Essex high school and the Essex Technical Center where she graduated from Engineering and Architectural Design in 1998. She played basketball, soccer, and golf in high school, where she was an All-State selection in all three sports. She went on to play basketball and golf at the University of Vermont. Smith was the only woman in the United States to play and compete on a Division 1 Men’s Golf Team for all four years while attending UVM. She captained both the Women’s Basketball Team and the Men’s Golf Team and has received many awards throughout her high school and college career in every sport she played. Smith was recently inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of fame. She graduated from UVM with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is a 2010 LPGA member.
You are a very accomplished athlete, successful in a variety of different sports. When did you start playing sports and when did you realize golf would become your profession?
I’ve been playing sports since I can ever remember. I was probably throwing a ball and dribbling before I could walk. I started playing golf when I was 10 and I fell in love with it right away. I enjoyed the fact that I could practice and play on my own as well as with others. I loved the game from the very beginning. It brought on new challenges and new accomplishments every day. I dreamed of playing professional golf ever since I was a teenager. I hoped to pursue golf as a career after I received my degree from the University of Vermont. I graduated with a Civil Engineering Degree in December of 2002 and moved to Florida to focus on golf year round in January of 2003.
Can you talk about your plans to some day merge your love of golf with your degree in Civil Engineering?
I hope to one-day merge my degree in Civil Engineering with my love for golf through ecological golf course design. I would like to focus my efforts on the redesign of current courses by lowering environmental impact and minimizing the use of resources in a cost efficient manner.
What is your favorite place in Vermont?
My favorite place in Vermont is standing on the 7th green at Alburg Golf Links (formerly Alburg Country Club), looking back down the 7th hole and out over the Lake. I grew up playing Alburg Golf Links everyday all summer long. It’s where all my dreams began and where I truly lost myself in the game of golf. Alburg really is a hidden gem; natural golf beauty at its finest, with a view of the Lake from nearly every hole on what is now the front 9. If you take the time to really enjoy yourself out there and look around, you will realize just how beautiful it is. I am very lucky to have grown up playing there. I feel very, very fortunate. I play there as much as I can when I’m home. I love the peacefulness of it.
Do you see yourself making Vermont your permanent home in the future?
I’m basically only in Florida for a few short months during the winter. From March - October I am on the road, and often times I play the Asian Tour for the months of January and February. Right now calling anywhere home is a bit foreign to me. I travel mostly out of my car except for late October through December. I come back to see my family in Vermont any off-weeks I have during the season (May-October). I am sure one day I will be back in Vermont, but unfortunately as a Touring Professional it is difficult to stay there year round. I loved living and growing up in Vermont, and I look forward to every opportunity I have to get home. There really is no place like Vermont. It’s beautiful and was a wonderful place to grow up.
What advice do you have for high school students?
Learn as much as you can. Ask questions and never be afraid to learn. Engage yourself in as much as you can. Stay busy with things you enjoy doing. Apply yourself and have fun. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible.