The Boys & Girls Club of Burlington

Life's busy, right? Friends, family, school – they all take time. So why spend time at the Club?

A Sweet Gym – we've got a full-size gym with basketball court and the equipment for tons of sports (and yoga, hip-hop dance and judo classes too...)

Digital Art – graphic design, photography, video recording and editing – you name it. With our brand-spanking new mac lab you can do it all.

Get Into College – well, we can't get you into school, but we can help. With our KnowHow2GO program you'll visit colleges, find out about financial aid, learn how to get college credit in high school (like with CCV's Intro to College class!) and tons more.

Music – you can take piano, drum or guitar lessons, form a band, write songs and record and edit your music all right here. Sound good?

Two words... Game Room – oh yes. Ping pong, pool tables, air hokey, AND a flat screen TV.

It's just $5 – what?? Yep, that's right. For just $5 a year you have access to all of our facilities and programs. A place to hang, staff that's here to help, lots of stuff to do, and it won't break the bank. How's that for showing your parents you know how to manage money?

Check us out online at, give us a call at 864-5263, or just stop by for a tour, 62 Oak Street, Burlington VT. We're here Monday through Friday, 2:30pm-9:00pm, and Saturday from 12:00pm-6:00pm. See you at the Club!