Advice from fellow Vermonters

by Hannah Johnson

Eva McKend

Eva’s Advice:  “I would say take advantage of every opportunity in high school. High school is not too early to get an internship. You really should be
interning, going to school during the day and doing internships. Freshman year of college is not too early to really network and get as much hands-on experience and face time as you possibly can.”

What is your job title?  “I am an anchor at WCAX”
When did you graduate high school? “I graduated from Birch Wathen Lenox School in New York City in 2007”

Where did you go to college? “I went to Swarthmore College in Swarthmore Pennsylvania”

How did you get to where you are today in the business world? “Through the help of wonderful mentors, hard work and perseverance. My very good friend was living here [in Vermont] at the time and she really encouraged me to consider WCAX because she told me it was a great station and a place that I would really like to be.”


Tyler McNaney

Tyler’s Advice: “I think the best advice that I can give is, if you find something that you’re really passionate in, well first off, find something that your passionate in. Something that you really love and something that you really enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a profession, just something. If you like building, if you like taking things apart, this is really things that I like, but just stick with it and go for it.”

What is your job title?  “CEO [of Filabot] but I like to call myself a dreamer”

When did you graduate high school? “I graduated in Milton and that was in 2011”

Where did you go to college? “I went to Vermont Technical College, and dropped out after three years so that I could continue building Filabot.”

How did you get to where you are today in the business world? “I started in 2011, in college, during Christmas break, I saw 3D-printing on a YouTube video and I was like holy crap, if we can turn a plastic soda bottle into feed stock for a 3D-printer, that would solve a lot of waste problems. We deal with 3D-printers and our machines basically take plastic and converts it into the feed stock for 3D-printers. Our goal here is to recycle the widest range of plastics. So, from soda bottles, milk jugs, shopping bags, old computer cases, old cellphone cases, really anything that is made of plastic, we want our machines to be able to process it into feed stock that looks like wire and its wrapped around a spool, and then that filament, is fed to 3D-printers.


Kaitlyn Armstrong

Kaitlyn’s Advice: “Never give up, treat humans as if they all act like humans (this view comes from working in law enforcement for years) and take the time to listen to EVERYONE.  Listening can be used to learn things as well as create bonds with your clients, coworkers, etc.  Take the time to say hi to the person who is buying coffee next to you, you have no idea what is going on in their world.”

What is your job title?  “I just started a new position, I was a Vermont State Trooper for 7 years.  I currently work as a Detective within the Investigations Unit for the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

When did you graduate high school? “South Burlington High School- 2005”

Did you go to college? if so, where and when did you graduate? “Yes, I started the fall after I graduated.  I went to the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).  I graduated with a BASoc. degree in “International Studies and Modern Languages.”  I worked full time while going to school and took a couple of part time semesters while I lived in Ottawa for 5 years.  I moved back to Vermont and took a 2-year break with an incomplete degree (3 credits, yes- one class) short and finally finished 2012.  I took a 3-credit elective with CCV and transferred them to be able to graduate.  Since then I have completed the Vermont Police Academy and have started my Masters at Norwich.”

How did you get to where you are today in the business world? “I live by three work rules.  1- Be on time and where you are supposed to be. 2- Don’t lie/be honest.  Your integrity is all you have. 3- Don’t mix business and pleasure.  Especially as a female working in a male dominated atmosphere, I feel that I was always more respected and was always seen as a professional by leaving my dating life at home and not seeing anyone I work with.”