Your First Car: The Used Car Experience

Buying a used car can be a great or a horrible experience, many people get great cars at low prices and love them, but some people get what is called a ‘lemon’ a car that has some big problems and causes headaches and costly repairs. Follow the tips below and you will stack the odds of getting a great car in your favor.
The most important thing you can do is if you find something you really like have it checked out by a certified mechanic of your own choosing, this may cost $50 but it could save you thousands.
Some things to check on your own:

Home-Grown Cinema: David Giancola and Edgewood Studios in Rutland

by Ed Barna
During an illustrious or notorious 22-year career, depending on the point of view, David Giancola has blown up much of Rutland, Vermont, flooded its streets, crushed the county with ice, consorted with aliens, filmed and fought in court with Anna Nicole Smith, made a Christmas film that seems likely to be a permanent gift to the country – and has proved to any doubters that Vermont can be a base for making commercially viable films.

Back to the Drawing Board – the Center for Cartoon Studies

As any longtime reader will tell you, comic books traditionally feature some awesome origin stories. From the bullet-strewn beginnings of Dick Tracy to the cosmic saga of the Silver Surfer, comics are famous for their secret histories and iconic backstories.

Perhaps then it's appropriate that the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction has an iconic origin story of its own.

Volunteering with Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

by Casey Hurlburt
Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, founded in 1980, works with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. USCRI is a national organization that helps refugees find permanent, safe homes where they can rebuild their lives. USCRI determines the talents and skills of refugees and immigrants and places them in communities where they will have opportunity.

Libby Smith: Pro Golfer and multi-sport athlete

Libby Smith went to Essex high school and the Essex Technical Center where she graduated from Engineering and Architectural Design in 1998. She played basketball, soccer, and golf in high school, where she was an All-State selection in all three sports. She went on to play basketball and golf at the University of Vermont. Smith was the only woman in the United States to play and compete on a Division 1 Men’s Golf Team for all four years while attending UVM.

Anais Mitchell: On Hadestown and opportunities for artists in Vermont

by Casey Hurlburt
Vermont is full of opportunities for musicians and artists of all kinds, from open mics to all the various restaurants that show art. The Burlington South End Art Hop, which takes place in September every year, features artists all over Burlington’s south end and often there are musicians playing at the various venues as well. Then there are restaurants and coffee shops throughout the state that host musicians and show art.

Texting while driving

In 2010, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas signed an anti-texting law that banned texting while driving for anybody on the roads in the state. Vermont was the 27th state to pass such a law and more have followed. The Vermont law also prohibits any use of portable electronic devices, including cell phones, for drivers of 18 years of age or younger.
By law, texting is defined as “Reading or manually composing, or sending of electronic communications. Electronic communications include text messages, instant messages, or e-mails using a portable electronic device.”

ridesharing in VT

Nathan Belz, PhD civil and environmental engineering candidate, and Brian H. Y. Lee, assistant professor, both in the School of Engineering at the University of Vermont were awarded this years Fred Burggraf Award, a national award that recognizes excellence in transportation research by researchers 35 years of age or younger.


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