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Majorwise was started by Peter Silverman and his roommate Max Robbins in their dorm room at the University of Vermont. With the idea that there really wasn’t any internships or jobs in Vermont for students that they knew of, they decided that they would find a way to bring the jobs to them.

by Hannah Johnson

Eva McKend

Eva’s Advice:  “I would say take advantage of every opportunity in high school. High school is not too early to get an internship. You really should be
interning, going to school during the day and doing internships. Freshman year of college is not too early to really network and get as much hands-on experience and face time as you possibly can.”

What is your job title?  “I am an anchor at WCAX”
When did you graduate high school? “I graduated from Birch Wathen Lenox School in New York City in 2007”

by Hannah Johnson

The new SAT has changed in multiple ways. It has fewer questions and requires less time without the optional essay. The College Board and Khan Academy have also teamed up to bring you a course to prep you to ace the test. While the essay is optional, it is important to remember that some Colleges and Universities will require this component so check with the colleges you’re planning to apply to before making a decision.

The new SAT is broken down in the following way:

by Hannah Johnson

Most colleges and universities have a deadline to apply to their school. Some of them even have multiple deadlines for different types of admissions. What this means is, if you have everything together and ready to apply by a November deadline, chances are you are applying early action or early decision.  Almost 450 colleges and universities across the nation have early action and early decision programs.

What is the difference between applying early and action?

by Hannah Johnson

Technology has changed our world. While some believe that technology is taking over the world and taking away jobs, and that is true, it is also making many more. The pressure to find a job out of high school and college continues to grow. While many may think Vermont is struggling with employment, the statistics say otherwise. Tech jobs in Vermont are growing at a very fast rate.