Working in Vermont - The Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association

Looking for a career that will let you stay in Vermont and get you fat stacks in the bank?
Look no farther than Vermont's robust aviation industry. All together the aerospace industry in Vermont employees more then 3,100 people at 60 firms and has a payroll of over $137 million annually. The industry will likely grow considerably in the near future given the support it has received from Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie, who happens to also be a Colonel in the US Air Force Reserves, a former F-16 Pilot for the Vermont Air National Guard, commercial pilot and mechanical engineer who graduated from the University of Vermont.
The Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association has been formed by about two dozen Vermont aviation companies in order to help make the industry even bigger in Vermont. A major part of their mission is to encourage students to pursue an educational path that could lead to a career in aviation in Vermont. “We really want to build bridges between the world of education and the world of aviation,” according to Dubie.
“The aerospace and aviation industry is an important part of Vermont's economy,” said Kevin Dorn, secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development. Boeing Co., for instance, has 27 suppliers in Vermont that account for $35 million in annual sales, he said. So if aviation is something you might be interested in, the Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association could be a great contact for you.
Check out the Vermont Aviation Career Education Camp “ACE Camp” next summer. You'll have the opportunity to spend a week exploring different types of aircraft, taking rides on those planes, and finding out how an education in math and science can lead to an exciting career in aviation.