Will Voigt - Head Coach of the Vermont Frost Heaves

In the fall of 2004, Sports Illustrated writer and Cornwall, VT, resident Alexander Wolff began to explore the possibility of bringing pro basketball to Vermont. The result is a fan-friendly and affordable model, tailored to the state the team calls home.
Wolff hired Cabot native Will Voigt as head coach of the team, and in the Frost Heaves' first season, they won the American Basketball Association championship on their home court in Barre.

NU: Where did you grow up?
WV: Cabot, VT
NU: What lead you into a coaching career path?
WV: I was fortunate to receive an internship with the Los Angeles Clippers during my senior year in college. Things just started to fall in place for me after that.
NU: Last year you led the Frost Heaves through a pretty amazing season, what should we look forward to this year?
WV: Winning back to back championships is one of the toughest things to do in sports. We have a lot of new faces this season, so hopefully they will be hungry to repeat.
NU: Who would you say are going to be your stand out players this year?
WV: We typically play 10 players per game, and look for everyone to contribute in different ways. Just like last year, this will be a 'team' in every sense of the word.
NU: What has been the most memorable moment in your coaching career?
WV: Becoming the head coach of the first pro basketball team ever in my home state and winning an ABA championship in the Barre Aud.
NU: What advice could you give to a young athlete trying to come up in the competitive basketball world?
WV: Take care of what you can control. You can only blame yourself if another player beats you out because they worked harder or had a better attitude.
NU: How has been being based in Vermont been for the team?
WV: Our fans are the best in the ABA. The state has rallied around this team and made all of our players feel at home.
NU: When you started out, were the fans there? Or has it taken the momentum of your season to really build your reputation?
WV: We had a great fan base to begin the season, but the more we won, the more it continued to grow. Our early success helped spread the word that there was a pro basketball team in Vermont.