Why go to School in Vermont?

A lot of people think staying in state to go to college means they will be practically living at home. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vermont has a ton of sweet schools from a huge state university, to one of America’s most respected military schools, to non-traditional colleges.
Vermont has a ton to offer by way of outdoor activities and cultural events. From the Tunbridge fair, to huge concerts like Coventry, to a lazy long weeakend spent canoeing down Otter Creek, Vermont has fun stuff to do for anyone.
By staying in Vermont for your higher education you can also develop connections that you can use to get a great job here in Vermont after you graduate.
Top ten Reasons to stay in Vermont

Use the connections you already have to advance yourself

The best skiing and riding in the NorthEast

Go home easily for free laundry and home cooking

In-state tuition at Vermont schools (where applicable)

Stay in touch with friends and family

Know where all the best swimming holes are already (you’ll be the most popular kid on your floor on a hot day)

Avoid major travel expenses during holidays

Get in-state grants and scholarships

Develop connections to use later

Play varsity sports at Vermont’s smaller schools

Tip of the Day
How to avoid the awkward parent drop in:
Set some ground rules up with your parents before you go to school to avoid feeling like your still living at home or not getting enough independence. Explaining your concerns to parents can be tough at first but will, in the long run, pay off.