Spotlight on Interns: MVU Grads Share Their Experience

Students across the state are finding alternative to learning in new skills through internships. Through individual job hunts or through organizations like Franklin County’s TIPS program, Vermont students and graduates are finding that internships are a great way to learn a new job and eventually move up the company ladder.
Massequoi Valley Union High School graduates Shawn Cobiere and Nathan Petig were unsure of what they wanted to do after graduating in 2008. “I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do after high school even though I had a lot of interests, but I knew that having a full time job was important,” Petig said.
“I knew that I wanted to work in a job that I enjoyed going to everyday,” Cobiere said.
Through the Franklin County TIPS (Training Interns and Planning for Success), which is designed to help students develop practical job skills and find ways to explore their career interests outside of the classroom, both young men found internships for MED Associates in different departments.
In his position, Nathan performed various electrical assembly tasks, including soldering construction and testing of cables.
“Nathan is doing an exceptional job in an area where he has not had any previous experience. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn is great to see in a young employee,” Human Resource Manager Chip Thibault said.
Cobiere worked in the machine facility where he learned multiple machining and assembly tasks.
“I do a lot of different things in the machine shop. I run several computerized machines that involve loading and cutting sheets of melamine. Other times I am in the box shop assembling and gluing the sound-attenuating cubicles. I really enjoy the assembly. I don’t care for working on the banding machine, but I know I have to in order to do a good job; it’s worth it,” Cobiere said.
Though Cobiere and Petig are just regular kids who enjoy playing sports, they both have learned practical job skills at their internships that helped them plan their futures for success.
“I am so thankful for having the opportunity to join the TIPS internship program and being able to find that job. My internship at MED has allowed me to work hard and start to make a good name for myself,” Cobiere said.
In five years, Petig said, “I hope I’m still at MED Associates.”