Snowboarding - A few basic step-by-steps

Tips by Pete Driscoll
A few basic step-by-steps for a beginner:
Establish which foot should go in front and be the one that points down the hill. If your left foot goes in front, you are termed a “regular” rider. If your right foot goes in front, you are termed “goofy”.
Once you learn to buckle your bindings, practice skating around on the snow with your front foot strapped in and your back foot free (like a skateboard).
After you become familiar with standing and moving around, use a small incline to get the feeling of movement down a slope. To do this, continue to have your front foot strapped in and the back foot free.
3 most important things to remember when learning to snowboard:
1. Keep the majority of your weight on the front foot (about 75% of your weight). This will feel unnatural, but you must resist the temptation to lean back.
2. Focus your eyes in the direction you want to ride. Basically, don’t look at your feet.
3. Use your front downhill arm as a steering wheel to point your body in the direction you want to ride. This keeps your body in line with your board.
Step-by-step trick: Backside 180

Before doing the trick, visualize how it will look.

Approach the jump smoothly

Take off with a flat base (meaning the board is flat) & apply light pressure on toe edge

Pop off toe edge as you rotate your head and shoulders into the backside spin

Swing your front arm around to trailing shoulder, making arm act as a counterweight

(the harder the swing, the quicker the body rotation)

Keep turning your head & shoulders while you look for the landing

Stomp landing by centering your body over the board

Seeking speed?
Use less turns and maintain a straighter course down the slope. The straighter your board is pointing down the fall-line, the faster you will go.