The Skinny Pancake

The Skinny Pancake was founded by brothers Benjy and Jonny Adler in the summer of 2003 as Burlington's Finest Creperie. During its second year of operation, 'the Pancake' was operated by Middlebury College students Michael Rimoin and Jon Warnow. Benjy, Mike and Jon have since joined forces for an all-star staff of competence and experience. The business has steadily grown each season to include fairs and festivals throughout the region.

The Skinny Pancake is deeply committed to the ideals of social entrepreneurship. They believe in the importance and potential of the double bottom line: financial viability and socially responsible business practices. In keeping with their belief in the importance of sustainability, they source as much of their food from the local economy as possible. Aside from sugar, salt and vanilla extract, their basic recipe is a 100% Vermont product! Due to their efforts, they were approved as the first ever street cart ever in the Vermont Fresh Network. Also, in keeping with their commitment to sustainability, their three primary vehicles all run off of biodiesel and waste vegetable oil.
NU: What does a typical day look like for you?
SP: Busy! Many days involve opening our Church Street vendor cart, returning to help out at our restaurant, and then serving crepes to the late-night bar crowd until 3:00 AM.
NU: How did you decide upon starting your own business?
SP: I valued independence, and I wanted to make a simple yet high quality product.
NU: What kind of perks and benefits do you get from your job?
SP: I get to eat all the crepes I want, and people thank me on the street for feeding them good food.
NU: What is the annual salary range for a person with your position?
SP: Not much.
NU: If you weren't in your current job where do you think you would be?
SP: Traveling, exploring, learning.
NU: What advice could you give someone who wants to start their own business?
SP: Talk to people who have tried something similar and failed. As valuable as it is to learn from your own mistakes, it's much more fun to learn from other people's!
NU: What are the best and worst parts of your job?
SP: The best part is being satisfied with the end product. The worst part is being exhausted.
NU: What is the best part about doing business in Vermont?
SP: The best part about doing business in Vermont is the amazingly friendly and supportive nature of the business community here. We would have never been able to accomplish any measure of success without the help and advice of our neighbors.