It's Your Choice... Make it Happen

Choosing a technical school or college, and eventually a career, certainly doesn't happen overnight, and the prospect of beginning the process can be downright overwhelming. Up until now, school was something you were expected to do, and for the most part, you didn't have much to say about it. But now, the next step is yours to make. You can choose what you want to do, how you want to get it done and where you're going to do it, whether out of state or right here in your own backyard.
Everyday Vermonters are leading the way in a variety of industries and academic circles. Cutting edge technologies and the highest quality products are the backbone of Vermont. Here, simple traditions meet unique experiences to create a mash up of endless possibilities, so don't be surprised if that dream job or perfect school isn't as far away as you think it is.
Inspiring Work in “Play”
Snowboarding, video games, military ballistic eyewear, mobile App technologies...employees at companies like Fuse, Burton, Revision and MyWebGrocer all embrace their jobs with an “every day is different” mindset. And, while often the atmosphere is casual, there is a serious amount of work done that enables these businesses to lead in their respective sectors. A walk through their offices reveals a behind-the-scenes look at next generation designs, financial modeling, and team-centric brainstorming sessions scheduling new product releases, website launches and grassroots events. Created by graphic designers, mechanical engineers software developers, marketing coordinators and accountants, the inspiration and the ideas for these products are all born here with views of the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain as a backdrop.
Germinating the Seed of an Idea
Have you ever had an idea for a new product or service, or dreamed of someday starting your own business in Vermont? The benefits can be significant, from being creative and setting your own schedule to self satisfaction seeing your concept come to fruition. There are significant challenges too – long hours, personal financial risk, and any number of unforeseen pitfalls – however, entrepreneurs passionate about their ideas accept these trials and hardships in order to achieve the benefits and rewards.
In Vermont, many high schools and tech centers offer a hands-on experiential curriculum that cultivates entrepreneurial traits, knowledge and skills through the process of planning, creating and operating a small business of your own design. And, when you're actually ready to start your business, the Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) offers free business coaching from experienced advisors as well as access to a statewide network of business assistance resources. There are specialty programs for developing a business plan, obtaining financing, navigating tax requirements and regulations, and more.
Green = the Color of Money
Vermont's coolest companies are incorporating technology in exciting and innovative ways – and the bottom line has never been better. From renewable energy to biotech, robotic design to value-added agricultural products, Vermont is rich with opportunity and the pay-off is high. Green jobs are on a fast growth track and defined as jobs that involve protecting wildlife or ecosystems, reducing pollution or waste, to reducing energy usage and lowering carbon emissions. Green jobs are found in all industries, and will require all levels of education, however the majority will require apprenticeship, industry certificate, and post secondary education.
Vermont's economy is as vibrant as our natural resources. Find something you love to do – it's your life and your choice!a