Internships - A Win/Win

Internships can be a sweet way for you to get your feet wet in a job or career that you think you may be interested in later on in life. You will be able to get real world experience and see what your possible future job could be like. This will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to the type and amount of education you need.
You could also come away with some sweet side benefits from being an intern. You will get to meet professionals in your field and develop connections that could pay off later, whether they write you a letter of recommendation for school or for a future job the reference could make all the difference. Further an internship on your resume will make you look like a serious and motivated person.
Reasons to rock the internship:

Pad the ol’ resume

Get real world experience

See if you dig what your doing

Possibly get credit toward HS graduation

Getting hooked up with an internship:

Check in with your guidance office, they likely have a list of potential internships you could jump into

Go to the business you want to internship at, they will likely be happy to discuss the possibility with you

Talk to your parents; they make know some other good avenues.