Find your Career in Agriculture

When you think about jobs in agriculture, you may think of traditional production farming or forestry. But did you know that approximately 22 million people work in agriculture related fields?
Today's diverse Vermont agriculture offers more than 200 rewarding and challenging careers. Agricultural engineer. Soil Scientists. Plant Geneticist. These are predicted to be among the most popular job titles of tomorrow.
In fact, jobs in science and engineering are expected to account for 32 percent of the employment opportunities for college graduates with agriculture degrees. Twenty-eight percent of the openings will be for marketing and sales representatives. Also in demand, according to a study done by USDA, will be manages and financial specialists, educators, communications specialists, and agricultural production specialists.
Along with Vermont's thriving agricultural industry, we also have wonderful colleges and universities like Vermont Technical College (VTC) preparing today's students for tomorrow's carers in agriculture.
At VTC, you can earn your degree in a number of agriculture-related fields through the 2 plus 2 program, in collaboration with the University of Vermont. From high school you transition to VTC, where you will earn a bachelor of science degree through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Full tuition scholarships are available to Vermont students in the 2 plus 2 program. It's a program that's already provided a number of fantastic jobs in the world of Agriculture. Check it out today!