Essential Dorm Gear

Athletics: Go ahead and pack your old baseball mitt and pigskin, but make a few additions, they can come in really handy in college.

Frisbee: ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee golf)

Gym clothes: Hit the gym great scenery and a good way to avoid the Frosh 15

Skis/snowboard: Shred the slopes, its VT

Grub: You may have the snazzy meal plan, but lets face it, that lady in the cafeteria just doesn’t make lasagna like your mom does, so go prepared to get by in a pinch (like 3 in the morning after the cafeteria is closed and your up for an all night cram session).

Fridge: Leftover pizza and soda just don’t taste good after two days on the coffee table

Ramen noodles: Classic, need we say more?

Water filter: there is not a single good tasting water fountain in VT, trust us, we’ve tried.

Décor: Alright, end of the day, its still a dorm room, but a few accessories and your room could be the place to be.

Couch: look for the second hand store in town, grab the cheap one and throw a tapestry over it.

Lamps: Florescent lighting just doesn’t set the mood…

X-Long sheets: Dorm beds are extra long, thus, long sheets

Personal Accessories: Look forward to walking…A lot. To class, to downtown, to your buddies dorm, the walking never ends.

Ipod: Bring your tunes, otherwise you’ll be listening to everyone’s drama on the bus

Boots: Mud and slush are not your new Airforce one’s best friend

Cell phone: I mean, you don’t even have to be in college to need this one


Boots or flip flops (depending on the month)