Empower Your Mind and Your Hands with Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Challenges!

Want to make a difference in the world while learning firsthand what it takes to be an engineer or scientist?
Ever wondered who created those incredible Disney World rides? The answer is engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists! They not only problem-solve to find better and less expensive ways to use the forces of nature; but they also use engineering technology to serve the needs of humanity. Whether providing fresh water to a village in a remote region, or designing artificial body parts to improve a disabled person's life, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists dramatically improve the quality of daily life around the world.
Elementary, middle and high school students can start now solving the worlds' sustainability and technological issues through hands-on projects that explore engineering, mathematics and computer sciences. Register Now for the 2012/13 UVM CEMS outreach events listed below. These include:
Governor's Institutes of Vermont-GIV Mathematics Institute
Surround yourself with math-lovers like you at this weeklong festival of mathematics! Theoretical and real-world applications of math will have you dazzled as you enjoy advanced lectures by renowned mathematicians and scientists. We'll use our hands and brains to take on world-class mathematical challenges, and explore careers for people who like math. In this Institute, you'll:
Take on advanced math challenges, including mined puzzles that keep mathematicians awake at night!
Meet other teens from Vermont who share your interests.
Interact with professional mathematicians from academic and business worlds.
Learn about the academic and career pathways open to people who enjoy mathematics.
Learn about real-world applications of math.
In addition to math, you'll do field trips, play games, and hold a cookout at North Beach. If you're a Vermont 9th-11th grader who's complete Algebra II or beyond, received good grades in math or science, and think math is cool, we hope you'll join us in the summer of 2013! GIV offers seven other summer Institutes that include the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute that explores how engineering impacts the human experience. The Institute is directed by Jeffrey Dinitz, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Vermont, and Sheila Weaver, Senior lecturer in Statistics at the University of Vermont. Links to these and other exciting hands-on learning experiences are below:
Aiken/TASC Challenges: To register visit: www.cems.uvm.edu/TASC/2012
Technology Knowledge Fair – (Scouts in Engineering): To register students for a class visit: www.cems.uvm.edu/scout
Engineers of Tomorrow – Vermont Air National Guard (VANG) Engineers Day Activities: To register visit: www.cems.uvm.edu/eweek
Fire your imagination and feed your brain through seven other scholastic Institutes offered by Governor's Institutes of Vermont (GIV)