Change is certainly in the air here in Vermont!  Opportunities to engage in aviation and pursue aviation careers are increasing throughout the state.  There isn’t a better time to consider an aviation related career than now and Vermont is leading the way with initiatives to help you make your dreams come true!
In the coming years, the aviation industry will be experiencing tremendous growth- creating a huge need for highly skilled and well paid employees in fields such as Air Traffic Control , Airline Pilot, Aerospace Engineering, and Aircraft Maintenance  just to name a few.   Along with these are the many career choices that support the aviation industry- Airport Management, Airline Operations, Meteorology, IT, Corporate Jet Operations, etc.  There are literally thousands of careers associated with aviation and all provide a door into the fast-paced, worldwide, cutting-edge industry of Aviation!
In an effort to inspire more interest in these fields and support those who already have a passion for aviation, the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s Aviation Program has been creating more educational opportunities throughout the state- making aviation more accessible to all.  Along with increased exposure to the world of aviation, our state airports have been spruced up and have added flight training and aircraft rental along with ongoing aviation classes and seminars.  Check out to learn more about the exciting events and educational opportunities happening at your nearest airport and throughout Vermont.
If flying as a professional pilot is your dream, VT Technical College has just launched a new degree in Professional Pilot Technology.  This 4-year, Bachelor of Science degree offers you the chance to earn your wings right here in Vermont at state-college level tuition making it more affordable than ever before!  For more information on this program, please visit
If you enjoy working with your hands, Burlington Technical Center’s Airframe & Powerplant  licensing program is something to explore.  Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration are certified to work on light aircraft at a grass airstrip, or on large commercial airliners at major hub airports. Demand is high, and A&P mechanics can realistically expect 100% job placement!  For more information on this program, please visit
Is the thrilling world of aviation in your future?  We certainly hope so!  If you have questions or need more information, please contact any of us on the VT Aviation Program team or simply visit your local airport.  We are all here to help you reach your goals.
As a special offer to help you enjoy the thrill of flying, take our StepUP to a career in Aviation coupon below to a State Airport Flight Training Facility and experience for yourself the thrill of flying!
The sky is not the limit…
For many young people…it is their future.