by Emma Marc-Aurele

Young musicians Adrian Chirtae and Julian Woodrow are brothers who were born and raised in Sunderland. Even more than just being brothers, the two are actually mirror twins. So when coming up with a band name, the duo decided on “Take 2,” which seemed fitting.

by Emma Marc-Aurele

Native Vermonter Ben Ritchie is widely recognized as the top junior male skier in the East. A slalom specialist, Ritchie was awarded the Golden Ski Award for his strong showing on the hill last season. Since 1969, the Golden Ski Award has been presented to the top junior male and female skiers in the East.

by Ayla Yersel

It’s a Wednesday night at Oakledge Park in August, just after 6 pm, and the first kickball game of the night just started.

by Ayla Yersel

Offstage, Burlington-based musician Joshua Panda is pretty soft-spoken. But onstage, he has an electric presence, performing with an almost contagious energy.

“I don’t want to talk, I just want to sit. It’s almost like at a horse race, with a horse in a stall. Like, someone hits the bell, I’m going to go.”

The music scene in Vermont is a lot of things. They say it’s eclectic. They say it’s fun. They say it’s unique. But what about the people actually involved in Vermont’s music industry? The musicians themselves. What do they have to say? For them, the music scene in the Green Mountain State is so much more. It’s full of real people playing real music .

Dwight & Nicole Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson are an American roots act based out of Boston/ NYC and currently living in Burlington, Vt. NextUp: How did Dwight and Nicole come to be? Where did it all start?
Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band Kat Wright is the lead singer for her big, bluesy, soul band Kat Wright & the Indomitable Soul Band. With a lineup of great New England musicians her music features bass, drums, percussion, guitar, organ, trumpet, trombone and alto sax. NextUp: Where did it all start?


by Emma Marc-Aurele

Rachel Feldman

Chief of Staff for Phil Scott, Age 32 

Montpelier resident Rachel Feldman did not always live in Vermont. In fact, it was a summer camp, Farm and Wilderness in Plymouth, her parents sent her to when she was nine that sparked her love for the great green state of Vermont. 

by Beth Pearce, Vermont State Treasurer

by Emma Marc-Aurele

Social media isn’t just for posting pictures of your #WildWeekend, but can actually help prepare you for a future career.

Personal branding - using social networking to create a public image of yourself - is number two on the Wall Street Journal’s list of must-have job skills for 2013.

by Emma Marc-Aurele


Population: 16,495

Average Income: $38,108

Median Rent: $723


by Ayla Yersel

Looking for an apartment? Maybe you’re just looking for a fun place to visit this summer—or you think rent in Burlington is just too expensive for your budget? NextUp staff has profiled a few Vermont towns that might appeal to young people (without breaking the bank). 


Vermont. Some love it—others leave it. So what draws people to the state (and what makes others leave)?

These were a couple of the questions researchers with the Vermont Migration Roots Survey tried to answer. 

At the age of 39, Dan Smith has already run for mayor of Burlington as an independent, skied competitively in Colorado, worked at law offices in Montpelier and Burlington, and been board chair of Mobius, the Mentoring Movement. On top of that, today he is the president of Vermont Technical College.
by Becky Hayes While his peers were playing ball or hitting the books in high school, 18-year-old Neel Desai of South Burlington found ways to better his community.


by Michelle Szabo, Instruction Program Manager, Stern Center for Language and Learning

by Thomas Leavitt (President  & CEO of Northfield Savings Bank) and John Pelletier (Director, Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College)


Is high school the best time of your life? Some adults think so. That’s probably because when we graduate, many of us leave home to live on our own and start taking on new responsibilities. 

by Becky Hayes Paying for college is hard.
by Becky Hayes With college tuition rates continuously rising, the cost of higher education is becoming more and more difficult for families to afford. That’s why it’s your job to take advantage of all the opportunities out there for free money to use toward an education.
by Becky Hayes Social media isn’t just for posting pictures of your #WildWeekend, but can actually help prepare you for a future career.


by Emma Marc-Aurele

For many college students today, the pressure of finding jobs after graduating weighs heavily. Students often worry about excelling in classes and building an impressive resume in order to compete against peers and, in the end, make a living to sustain an independent adult-life after college.  

by Ayla Yersel

When someone thinks of Vermont, they might picture rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, small businesses, and agriculture (and, okay, maybe Ben and Jerry’s). But what might not come to mind right away is the state’s growing tech sector.

by Ayla Yersel

Let’s face it-- sometimes, the job market can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. It can be particularly difficult trying to make professional connections-- where do you begin? How do you meet people in your field?

by Ayla Yersel

Ad-free social media site Ello has been called the “Facebook killer”. But this, according to co-founder and CEO of Ello Paul Budnitz, is not the case. 

Since age six, Sergeant Julie Scribner said she has wanted to become a police officer. Today, she is a Detective Sergeant with the Vermont State Police, investigating major crimes and deaths.
Ever since he was little, Darren Perron wanted to be a storyteller. Today, that dream has become a reality: he is an executive producer and news anchor at WCAX Channel 3 News. 
Once the kids are in bed and the papers are graded, 28-year-old high school chemistry teacher Kristin Corrigan puts on her apron and gets to work, transforming her kitchen into a cake decorating business called CakeIstry.